Almas Tutun Company

The Almas Tutun Trading Company is licensed by the Iranian Tobacco Company. It uses only tobacco of the highest quality and approved additives to create a variety of fruit-flavored mu’assal tobaccos under the brand Ehteram.

Almas Tutun Company is the proprietor of the Ehteram brand in Iran. The company has obtained all required licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade, and the trademark has been registered with the Iranian Trademark Registration Organization.

Upon many years of product research and development (R&D) in Iran and Arab countries, the senior managers of this company—with an academic background and technical expertise in this enterprise—have concluded that they can gain a prime position on the national and international levels by utilizing healthy, organic, and pure raw materials and manufacturing high-quality, authentic products with the market’s best-selling flavors.

The vision of Almas Tutun Trading Company

The Ehteram brand aims to produce healthy, high-quality tobacco using premium-grade raw materials. On this basis, we are attempting to substantially reduce the adverse effects of tobacco use and produce a product with minimal harm.

In addition, we are proud to play an effective role in producing quality products by obtaining laboratory approval from the country’s Tobacco Planning and Monitoring Center. Indeed, we pay particular attention to the health of our customers by producing quality products.

This company is proud of its wide range of activities in the fields of nationwide cigarette distribution and export of the country’s tobacco products. In the cigarette industry, Almas Tutun Trading Company intends to distribute domestic and international brands on a national scale. As the contracting party with the Iran Tobacco Company, the company also exports the domestic products of Iranian tobacco factories to other countries.

Almas Tutun Trading Company currently produces and sells 12 different flavors under the Ehteram brand in 50-gram, 250-gram (bucket and doypack packing), 500-gram (box and bucket packing), and one-kilogram packages.

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